How Effective Are Orthoses for Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis?

Topics: Research, Podiatry, Plantar fasciitis Pages: 5 (1499 words) Published: March 1, 2013
How effective are orthoses for treatment of plantar fasciitis? Aim
To explore and discuss the effect of orthotics have on plantar fasciitis. Literature Review
This literature review of journal articles discussing the effects of orthotics have on plantar fasciitis, in regard to function ability and injury prevention. Steven, K, et al (2008) explain that plantar fasciitis can be characterised as pain and tenderness on the medial aspect of the foot around the calcaneus area. Background

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common complaints on the foot region. Foot orthoses help to maintain the foot in a neutral position during weight bearing and gait. Pain caused by plantar heel pain can be reduced with foot orthoses. Foot orthoses are the most common treatment, though foot orthoses are for short term treatment only (Karl, B, et al, 2006). Bergmann, JN (1990) discussed that excess pronation could be one of the causes of plantar fasciitis. One of the prevention methods described was orthotics to treat the cause of plantar fasciitis. Karl, B, et al (2004) also discussed a study to determine the effectiveness of different types of foot orthoses with regard to treatment of plantar fasciitis, the results were significant though still lacks scientific evidence to fully perform results. Kevin, A, et al (2008) explained that there are two types of orthotics that are prescribed, accommodative orthoses and functional orthoses. Accommodative orthoses are flexible, soft, and are used to relieve pressure. Advantages are they are soft and easy to fit, whereas the disadvantages are that is relatively bulky and poor durability. Functional orthoses can be made of flexible, semi-rigid, rigid plastic or graphite materials, they are used to correct abnormal deformities, and they also correct the function of the foot along with relieving the pressure area. The advantages are durability and fit into most footwear due to orthotics being thin. The disadvantages are they are difficult to adjust and less cushion than accommodative orthoses. Rome, K, et al (2004) conducted a study “evaluating the clinical effectiveness of foot orthoses in regard to treatment of plantar heel pain”. The results demonstrated a significant decrease in foot pain over the eight-week trial, although functional orthoses are initially expensive, they have a better quality of life than accommodative orthoses. Gross, MT, et al (2002) have discussed an important study in regards to “the impact of custom semi-rigid foot orthotics on pain and disability for individuals with plantar fasciitis”. This research involved the participants to walk one-hundred meters at a self- selected speed, the results showed in twelve to seventeen days that the pain caused by plantar fasciitis was significantly reduced. Research Question

The questionnaire will involve fixed open-ended questions that participants can answer in a maximum of fifteen minutes. The questionnaire will have three fixed questions, for example 1.How long have you had plantar heel pain?

2.Have you had any treatment for plantar heel pain?
3.If yes, state what it is?
The research will use quantitative methodology as the design of this research follows the deductive inquiry process, also to gather large amounts of statistical information to represent a population. Design of the study

This research will ensure of maintaining the rigour by reliability, external validity, and internal validity, the equipment of this research will use the fixed questionnaire which will be given out to one hundred randomly selected participants who come in to a podiatrist clinic with recurring plantar heel pain. Sampling Process

The participants will be chosen from the patients that come in to the podiatrist clinic from New Zealand’s main cities recurring with plantar heel pain. The researcher will then choose one hundred to one hundred and fifty participants with plantar heel pain to answer the three fixed open-ended...
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