How Dreams and Dreamings Affect Individual Characters in of Mice and Men

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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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The American dream ideally complements life and the pursuit of happiness. This vision has been extremely distorted within the 20th century to fit the new variety of Americans whom were greedy and selfish. Of Mice and Men was set during the Great Depression. The American Dream was no more; the land of opportunity was now the land of failure. George and Lennie, the two are best friends, however different they may seem both share a common goal. Their main ambition is to purchase land they can call their own; to work for themselves, and live a simple life. Candy also is intrigued in the pair's vision. Curley's wife longs for is to experience the world for herself, she feels she is a prisoner within he own home. In this essay, I will explore how dreams and dreaming affects individual characters in the novel. George's life revolves around Lennie. George may sometimes seem as if he detests Lennie's company, we actually see George's devotion to Lennie is eternal. Their goal is to "get the jack together," and buy a few acres of land they can call their own, " an' live off the fatta the lan'". To own a content home, where they can work for themselves and be free of the scrutiny of society. Lennie is amused by the dream, whenever George speaks of it; Lennie goes into a blissful sort of day dream. After Lennie kills Curley’s wife and runs away to the brush where George told him to meet him if he were ever to be in trouble, George reminds Lennie of their dream and how happy they will be when he has to shoot him. George knows how excited Lennie gets about their future plans. He wants Lennie to die peacefully, in happy thoughts. Candy is a much older worker, who has lost his hand. He isn’t worth as much to the ranch’s employer as the other men, so he fears unemployment. He has always dreamt of a better life. Whilst in the bunkhouse, he overhears George and Lennie speaking of their future plans. “You know a place like that?” George immediately has suspicions of the man,...
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