How Does Willy Russell Use Dichotomies to Tell the Story in “Blood Brothers” and Create Drama

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  • Published : July 7, 2010
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How does Willy Russell use dichotomies to tell the story in “Blood Brothers” and create drama

The story in the play “Blood Brothers” was set during the period when the conservatives were the ruling party at the time and Margaret Thatcher was the prime minister of England. Then people that were rich, became even richer, but on the other side factory workers and poor people lost their jobs. This is why rich people kept voting her in, because she gave them more money by preventing new businesses to develop. She also stopped the supports for people at work. Money was tight for some families and a lot were stuck into the trap of debt. The overall meaning of Thatcher’s time was for people to look after themselves and not the others. This reminds a lot about the play, because that is what happened to Mrs Johnstone and Mickey when they lost their jobs in a factory, and Mickey started working in another place, where he pushed cardboard boxes together all day to support his new family. That is one of the reasons why Sammy is a criminal in the play and Mickey also agrees to commit a robbery, because they needed money to survive their lives when they had almost nothing, and were sick of the rich people getting all the money. Willy Russell presents Mrs Johnstone to the audience as a decent woman, who gives lots of love to her children, but she can’t give them more than that because she hasn’t got a well-paid job and she is working as Mrs Lyons’ house maid, which takes a lot of her time, which could be spent with her children instead. That is why Mickey and his siblings are let to learn about life themselves on the streets. That makes the audience sympathise with the poor people. She shows that to the audience after she learns she is going to have twins by saying: “With one more baby we could have managed. But not with two. The Welfare have already been on to me. They say I’m incapable of controllin’ the kids I’ve already got. They say I should put some of them into care....
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