How Does Use of Ultra Thin Models in Media Affect Teenage Girls?

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  • Published : November 10, 2010
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How does use of ultra thin models in media affect teenage girls?

These days’ girls want to be something more they see on TV and in fashion magazines although fashion magazines consist of photos where you can see very thin models. Ultra thin models look very skinny and most teenagers find it very attractive, as part of their teenage lives is fashion magazines and shows on TV. Mostly these young girls are likely to exchange their health to thin body. Girls may take very strict actions to prevent their bodies of gaining weight and completely stop further up growth of their anatomy. What should be done to protect teenagers from influence of media and if there are things that their communities can do to expand this outlook

How can you tell, if what you see is ultra thin and unhealthy looking model? It is simply; runway models are likely to have UK dress size 4, which will fit measurements of chest-stomach-hips from (76-56-81) to (84-64-89), it is very infrequent to met an grown up woman or even a teenage girl to be healthy and fit size 4, this kind of body in unachievable for many. Also many top models have BMI that is in the 14-16 range. Which is too low, the lowest normal BMI is 18, everything what is below that number is demonstrative as anorexic. And now let’s talk little about teenagers. Teenagers are very sensitive beings, as they are immature and psychological unstable they may take thing too serious than they sometimes should. In many cases teenagers are described as sponges which sponges up all information which surrounds them, they have long lasting memories and they learn very fast of things they see and of things they are interested in, this is absolutely not bad, I would even say that this is brilliant in case they are interested in thing which rises their uptick, but commonly teenagers must be channelize in right way, and which way is right for them may know parents or other relatives. According to “EduGuid“ parents should be involved in...
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