How Does the Way We Describe Something Affect the Way We See It?

Topics: Sense, Psychology, Olfaction Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: June 15, 2012
How does the way we describe something affect the way we see it?

People get different types of information from their surrounding through different senses. We have five senses: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. We rely on it, but it is well known that our senses can deceive us. Our perception consists of sensation and interpretation. Interpretation is provided by our minds, so each person has different interpretation. This can led to the problem of misunderstanding between people. For example, if one person tells 3 sentences and those sentences must be carrying forward from first to the tenth person when tenth person tell it, it will probably be totally different sentence with different meaning. This is because each person added or deduct some part of the sentences. Maybe they fail to notice something or forget, but It is connected with their interpretation. Lets say that our friend describes us one person as bad and mean. If after that we meet that person, we will probably be on the distance with it, because we will consider it as bad company. On the other hand if that same friend represented that person as a friendly and funny, we will have different opinion about it from the start. In both cases our friend doesn’t have to be right, but his description will affect our behavior and the way we see that person. In movie “Babel” we had situation where one child shooted a woman in Mexico. She was an American tourist, and child didn’t do it on purpose. However, all news published that terrorists shooted a woman in Mexico. They consider situation, and made logical conclusion. This is also what all of us do, this is how our brain works. We consider situations from our surrounding and make conclusions, but it doesn’t mean we are right. The example from the movie shows us that mistakes occur.
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