How Does the Story Encourage the Reader to Admire Scheherazade?

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How does the story encourage the reader to admire Scheherazade?

The author in the story uses many linguistic devices such as metaphor, superlatives, similes and strong adjectives to encourage the reader to admire Scheherazade. The author uses superlatives to set up the story such as he describes Scheherazade's beauty “Excelled that of any girl in the Kingdom of Persia. This gives the story a background of extreme power and amazing people; an exotic world with a powerful romantic appeal. Scheherazade's character has described well in a sentence. Her description has been given in such a way that the readers are made to admire Scheherazade, like "her sister was clever and courageous in the highest degree”. This also gives the readers hope that she could be the one to stop the Sultan's "barbarous practice". Her beauty has been said to have "Excelled that of any girl in the Kingdom of Persia" which makes the readers think that she was the most sought woman in Persia. The author proves Scheherazade intelligence and cleverness to the readers when Scheherazade married the Sultan as she was determined to stop the "barbarous practice". She tricked the Sultan by telling fascinating stories and letting the Sultan postpone the execution to continue Scheherazade’s fascinating story. The author's use of adjectives in describing Scheherazade has helped him to make the readers believe in Scheherazade. Scheherazade has showed herself to be of high principles as she said "I am determined to stop this barbarous practice". This shows how the readers admire Scheherazade.

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