How Does the Poets Choice of Language Structure and Form Express the Speakers’ Emotion? Twicknam Garden Written to Be Taken Sarcastically, as It May Have Been Written to Lady Lucy Who Was a Good Friend of John Donne.

Topics: Love, Marriage, Garden of Eden Pages: 3 (1180 words) Published: November 20, 2010
How does the poets choice of language structure and form express the speakers’ emotion?

Twicknam Garden written to be taken sarcastically, as it may have been written to Lady Lucy who was a good friend of John Donne. It was supposedly to be a light hearted and flirtatious joke for her and her husband to take pleasure in it.

John Donne writes about a love he has for this woman and uses many metaphors in it. He speaks about her garden, religion, love and concluded his poem with his opinion of women.

Through out the poem the authors tone seems to change. The first stanza is a little flattery and he blames himself for falling in love with her, the second he brings religion into it, the his tone has completely changed and his appear to be biter that she is so faithful to her husband and turns the blames on her.

Donne opens the poem with hyperbole, he exaggerates in saying “Blasted with sighs, and surrounded with tears” He is crying so much about the fact that his lover his married and he can not have her. He refers to nature through out the poem and first mentions “spring” which is associated with new life and in this case can be seen as a new relationship. This may be a new relationship between him and Lucy or a new relationship altogether with a new woman, but it is more likely to be Lady Lucy since he is in love with her. In this first stanza he expresses the love which he feels for Lady Lucy and calls himself a traitor, he is betraying himself as he will not have the love returned by her. Although just being able to see her seems to be enough at this stage, “at mine eyes, and at mine eares”. His love that he has for her is wrong as she is already a married woman so he calls it “spider love”, was said to turn ‘all into excrement and poison’. Also it was believed to germinate without sexual intercourse, so this could mean that he is sexually frustrated at this entanglement of love. The love he has for her is poisonous and after this referral to...
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