How Does the Film the Truman Show Tell the Audience About the Influence of the Media?

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  • Published : June 29, 2008
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The film uses an imaginary world “Seahaven” to show the audience in the real world how we react to the media. Our emotions are often affected by TV shows, as shown by how the audiences in the Truman show reacted when watching the show. For example, two elderly women were observed to cry and hug each other, this shows that with the simple progression of plot we are even able to be moved to tears, which shows how easy it is for media to influence us. TV shows can also affect the way we behave or do our jobs, as shown by the police turning down a person in need just to follow the progress of the plot of Truman show. The Truman Show also tells the audience that the influence of the media can sometimes help us to create a perfect world to live in and have a positive impact on our lives. This is done by showing Truman leading a lifestyle where everything is decided for him. The film shows Truman holding a job, having a family which is the basic things that an ordinary man would ask for. This were all the creation of the media which may seem to suggest to us, the audience, that the media can also influence us to create a perfect world to live in. Introduction:

Briefly explain what the film presents about the influence of the media. The Truman Show has managed to capture the interest of a widespread group of people from all walks of like 24/7. For example, some of the audiences of The Truman Show include security guards, patrons and waitresses at a pub, a man in a bathtub and two elderly women. The man in the bathtub goes to the extent of placing a television set in his bathroom and the two elderly women even fall asleep on the couch while watching the show. Hence, audiences are constantly being exposed to the media and whatever products the media is selling and the messages that they put through. The constant exposure gives the media a round the clock platform to put through the things they are selling and persuade people to buy the products. The influence of the media...
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