How Does the Culture Change Affect the Business

Topics: Malaysia, Malaysian Malay, Singapore Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: March 5, 2012
Malaysia is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society, every race has their own culture and religion. As a foreign investor, there are some matters we need to be more sensitive and be more attention. By this I mean, we need to respect and insight the culture and custom in others country. For example, alcohol drink and tobacco are prohibited manufacturing in Malaysia. Besides, if you want to set up a company, you must need to reserve some job vacation and some stock to the Malay people. The percentages of the stock depend by the type of company you wish to establish but nowadays some of the industries not really need to have a fixed amount of Malay shareholders because the government has change the law to stimulate the economy of Malaysia. Apart from that, business etiquette is also the important thing you need to be learn such as Malayan like to shake hands when they meet their friends. Normally, Malay men would not shake hands with the women initiatively unless the women ask to shake hands with them. However, the most remarkable things about the business etiquette that is never use your left hand shake hands with the Malayan because they thought that the left hand is regarded as the dirty symbol in their culture and religion. In Malaysia, there are three major races which are Malay, Chinese and India, and most of the people are Malayan. In other words, if we want to set up a business in Malaysia, we may need to learn their language which is Malay. And one of the reasons we need to learn Malay is because the Malay is the official language in Malaysia. In additional, Islam is the state religion in Malaysia and most of the Malayan is the Muslim.  If your contacts are Muslim, for example, avoid making appointments on Friday afternoons, which are set aside for weekly prayers at the mosque. In the aspect of diet, Malayan is prohibited from pork and the Indian is prohibited from beef. So, if a company want to open a restaurant in Malaysia, they must need to...
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