How Does the Composer Create Meaning in the Tempest?

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How Does the Composer Create meaning in the tempest?

Refer to techniques and quotes in your answer

Meaning increases the understanding and view of the world and by the use of dramatic techniques, themes and character development Shakespeare creates depth and insight to provide the reader with a view of the world from his perspective. In The Tempest Shakespeare uses themes such as power, colonisation and distinguishing man from monster to create meaning and also techniques such as exclamations, verbs and descriptive language.

The Tempest written around 1611 was thought to be Shakespeare’s final play and a farewell to his beloved art of writing. The genre of The Tempest can be largely debated but is known mostly as a romance, which is generally reflected upon the subject of love between Ferdinand and Miranda, though however has a comical twist when we read the conversations between Stephano and Trinculo.

A theme in the Tempest that creates meaning is, Power, through the use of character development we can see the composer has made the theme evident throughout the length of the play. The theme of power is endemic throughout the play and can be traced back to nearly every character as most display the want or need of power. In The Tempest, the protagonist of the play, Prospero, is one of the fortunate characters as he does not want power but already has it, he has the gift of magic and after shipwrecked on an island for 13 years he has learnt to control his gifts and master them. He creates a tempest (storm) to trap his enemies – Alonso, Antonio and Sebastian – on an island were has full control over all of them.

"At this hour lies at my mercy all mine enemies" Act 4, Scene 1(lines 250-253)

This quote demonstrates that throughout the book he has all characters under his control with his use of magical powers; all his former friends are now to a large extent, under his control, even though they don’t know it. He has the power to create chaos and...
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