How Does Technology Has Changed the Way We Live

Topics: Education, Change, Socialization Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: April 8, 2013
How technology has changed the way we live
Nowadays, people live in a completely different life compared with years ago since the arrival of the technology. We have seen technology growing from a baby until today it plays as an essential part of our life. It has changed the way we live , include the way we work, learn , socialize and play. To begin with, technology has played an important role in our work. In olden days , people had to commute to work, but recently, there is a job called online dealer. People just need a computer and WIFI. Then they can do their job at home or a coffee shop. Besides, businessmen usually need to travel between two countries to make a contract, but now, there is another way to communicate with their new cooperative partner, which is to take video meeting and send fax to make an agreement. Technology also affect our way to learn. Because the advent of technology, students have more options than before. They used to only take class at school. Compared to olden days, it is more flexible due to the fact that the online class is widely spread. Furthermore, decades aga, the technique students can learn is quiet limited, they learn knowledge from aged people , or from their teachers. Without the help of others , students can also get educated because of the use of the technology. On the internet, people can searcher professors’ lecture online , and there are bunch of information that can help people learn independently. Then , another change is that we socialize in different ways. Technology has transferred our form of relationships. Common sense said that face to face relationship is more reliable. However, this belief is become a conservative mind . More and more people are spending time dating online with a person they never see face to face. The another popular approach that we communicate with our friends is by sending letters in past time, but it is time-consuming to receive a letter. Since the improvement of...
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