How Does Stevenson Make Us Feel the Evil of Mr Hyde in This Passage?

Topics: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Novella, Robert Louis Stevenson Pages: 2 (814 words) Published: January 27, 2013
This passage is taken from quite earlier on in the novel, where the reader is informed of the murder of Sir Danvers Carew, where Hyde, yet again, has demonstrated unconventional behaviour. In the text, Hyde is seen as growing in power as Dr Jekyll ceases and you can see that this throughout the text and this passage . In the end, it is explained why this act of Satan is done, when Jekyll turns into Hyde permanently. Stevenson makes us feel the evilness of Hyde by using violence, the setting, syntax and the comparisons of Hyde to Sir Danvers. A way how Stevenson makes the reader feels the evil of Hyde is the use of violence, such as ‘trampling his victim’. This is how he attacked the small girl, very early in the novella. Also, Stevenson makes us feel the evil of Hyde is when he ‘Clubbed Carew to the earth’. This implies that Hyde pushed Carew with such a force down on to the street. Another way in which violence is used is when Hyde ‘broke out of all bounds .... the bones were audibly shattered’ this shows how much violence Hyde uses to kill Carew, with ‘ hailing down a storm of blows’ shows how hard Hyde used his cane and force to murder Carew. The detailed violence shown how despicable and nasty Hyde is, ‘ like a madman’ this sort of behaviour would not be conventional in either the Victorian or today’s society, as this is seen as an act of cruelty, nastiness and most of all, evil. The use of violence creates a disturbing image in one’s mind, and it is if we can hear the bones being shattered. Stevenson describes the violence as if the reader was a witness of this dreadful crime, as violence through this passage as a key theme in the novella as a whole. This violence is seen in the beginning of the novel, where Hyde tramples on the small girl, right through to this point, which is crucial, in terms of the plot of the novel.

A second way how Stevenson makes us feel the evil of Mr Hyde is by the syntax he uses. Stevenson uses metaphors, such as ‘ a great...
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