How Does Steven Spielberg Make the Opening Scene of Jaws so Dramatic?

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  • Published : March 21, 2007
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How does Steven Spielberg make the opening scene of Jaws so dramatic? Introduction:
‘Jaws' is a Blockbuster hit and is still going strong, even though it was released in 1975. It was directed by Steven Spielberg. It was his first blockbuster hit and a brilliant way to start off his career. The genre of the film is a Thriller. It is a very clever Thriller a mix of suspense and ‘goryness'. The film ‘Jaws' was based on novel called ‘A Stillness in the Water', written by Peter Benchley. Peter Benchley, lived in Priceton, New Jersey. He had been interested in sharks after he spent his childhood on the island of Nantucket off Massachusetts.

The film ‘Jaws' is known for its breathtaking soundtrack, which plays the main part in building the tension and fear. In the start of the film the screen is black which builds up the tension as black is a dark colour and it is also associated with danger. The music is very quiet, slow and gradually increases in pace. In the opening shot, something is shown to be moving under the sea. It's the creature's point of view moving through the weeds which indicates to the audience that something is down there. The Camera Pans across the seascape. The audience is put in the creature's position as if it is looking for food. The music gets louder and louder and increases in tempo. The music sounds like someone's heartbeat getting faster and faster when they are scared.

Just when you thought you were going to jump off your seats with fear, the next scene opens to reveal a campfire with teenagers sat around it having a good time. There is a sound of a mouth organ being played at the beach party which is quite relaxing. The tension has completely dropped. Somehow the audience are still a little anxious. The music is mellow and calming suggesting that people are ‘chilling out' relaxing. We can see medium long shots of the teenagers smoking and drinking, doing all the activities people do when they are relaxing and having a good time. We...
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