How Does Social Media Affect the Fashion Industry?

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BA (Hons) Fashion & Textiles

“How has the fashion industry been affected by social media?”


Sameela Arshad


Abstract Many writers have attempted to discuss the question of how social media affects the fashion industry and other industries in this respect. However, with the current rate of technological advancements, the world is forced to adapt to current trends and crazes with the current being social media, which in turn is affecting all industries. This research paper will give an insight to how the fashion industry has been adapted to social media, how the fashion industry has benefited from this and also how the fashion industry has faced problems because of this. To give a good understanding of the research field, secondary research was used as it shows what others have discussed about the topic, what other researchers have found and what the fashion industry has said about it themselves. This involved reading journal articles around the subject, web pages, fashion blogs and personal opinions from individuals all over the world. The second part of the research carried out was primary market research; this involved creating questionnaires, which were then filled out on the social media site Facebook, as this was the best way to obtain quick reliable feedback.


Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Introduction What is social media? The impact social media is having on the fashion industry Chapter 4 The impact social media can have on the fashion industry in the future Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Conclusion Appendices 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Logbook Bibliography Glossary Images Questionnaires The three pillars of fashion Analysis of primary research results Page 12 - 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 16 – 38 Page 10 - 11 Page 4 Page 5 – 6 Page 7 – 9


1. Introduction This research paper aims to study how social media today has influenced the fashion industry and if the positive aspects of this outweigh the negative. Social media in this research paper is defined as meaning “…the collection of tools and online spaces available to help individuals and businesses to accelerate their information and communication needs” (Lake, 2009). The author wishes to argue that social media has affected the fashion industry both positively and in some ways negatively however, this technological advancement gives designers, producers and consumers an enormous platform to showcase and promote their work through simpler sharing. The author believes this advancement has had a very positive impact on the fashion industry, by increasing brand awareness and bringing fashion to all globally rather than the constrained few as it were previously. To understand how social media has influenced the fashion industry it is important to study how the fashion industry worked before social media played such a role. Today top designers share images of their new collections on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which allows them to advertise to their loyal customers, as well as enticing new clientele, however such insights of new collections may also lead to replica production. There are three firm pillars of the fashion industry which are, the designers; who invent a design, the producers; who manufacture the product, and the consumers; who purchase the product. The author also wishes to question how social media has affected these three pillars along with how new designers now have the opportunity to launch a brand to the mass market rather then a small proportion of the market. Before social media, the fashion industry was much slower in changing trends, as it took longer for trend cycles to be completed and it hindered the work of designers. This had many good impacts on the fashion industry as there was less pressure on designers to keep up with the current pace of trend cycles and also for manufacturers who had more time to make the products on the same production line rather than...
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