How Does Sheriff Make This Moment in the Play Significant

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Journey’s End by R.C Sheriff Essay -

How does Sheriff Make This Moment in the Play Significant

Stanhope and Osborne are talking about Raleigh, his sister, war, while Stanhope is drinking whiskey. This section has a few dramatic parts in it.

Stanhope tells Osborne that he likes Raleigh’s sister “...I realized what a topping girl she was”, and he looks forward to meeting her after the war is over . This moment involves love and relationship which makes it dramatic. Stanhope is annoyed because after Raleigh had joined his company he is constantly worried about Raleigh writing to his sister and telling her the truth about him “...Wants to write home and tell Madge all about me. Well, he won’t; d’you see, Uncle? He won’t write. Censorship!” Stanhope is now very angry and he is showing dominance by telling Osborne he will censor Raleigh’s letters. Stanhope is drinking throughout this conversation because he is annoyed, and he doesn’t want to talk about certain stuff such as Vimy Ridge. Another dramatic moment was when he ironically toasts the man who go home pretending to be ill and he is raising the whiskey glass to show his choice ”..two choices...Pretending I was ill and going home; the other was this [he holds up his glass]”. This is dramatic because Stanhope is using moves instead of words and also he is pauses before he raises the glass to make this moment significant.

Osborne is very quite during the conversation because he probably does not have much to say. He supports almost everything that Stanhope says “Yes” and “Yes, I think it is”, because he is scared of saying something Stanhope will not like and he is showing his respect to him. This shows Stanhope’s dominance over Osborne and how their relationship is tense. But, when Stanhope is angry on Raleigh, Osborne tries to protect Raleigh and attempts to convince Stanhope that “..Raleigh’ll go on liking you - and looking up to you - through everything” and “ He’s very young, he’s got hundreds of...
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