How Does Shakespeare Use Dramatic Devices in Act 3 Scene 1 of ” Romeo and Juliet” in Order to Make It Such an Interesting, Exciting and Important Scene?

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  • Published : September 30, 2009
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How Does Shakespeare Use Dramatic Devices In Act 3 Scene 1 Of ” Romeo And Juliet” In Order To Make It Such An Interesting, Exciting And Important Scene? Romeo and Juliet is an Elizabethan play set in Verona. It tells the story of the Montague’s and Capulet’s, 2 families who have a deep hatred for each other. However the story takes a turn for the worst when Romeo; Montague and Juliet; Capulet become entwined in a dangerous love rollercoaster. Act 3, scene 1 is the scene I have been studying and therefore will be the scene I will be analysing. The scene is centred around the murders of Mercutio and Tybalt. Both men come about death by fighting, something that is forbidden by the prince of Verona. At first Tybalt challenges Romeo, because Romeo declines the confrontation Mercutio steps in and takes his place. Romeo try’s his best to stop the continuing duel but just gets in the way, his intervention causes Tybalts sword to slip under the chest of Romeo and pierce the Mercutio’s chest. Romeo,s attitude changes from happy, calm and joking , to merciless, ruthless and angry instantly. As a result of this quick rage Romeo makes up his mind that either he or Tybalt must die with Mercutio and challengesTybalt, who falls ; Romeo kills him in his stride. The genre of the play Tragedy, lets the audience know that during the play tragic events will take place, .e.g. the death of both Romeo and Juliet. Tragedy is a form of drama, which is a big genre in theatrical productions/ films and books. The themes of the play are; deceit, love, hate, death conflict, we can tell this through the emotion of the character, for example Mercutio death enrages Romeo with hate, it was love at first sight for Romeo and Juliet, Montague and Capulet are always in some form of conflict. Romeo and Juliet was written by William Shakespeare, an English playwrite. Nobody is sure of the exact birth date of William Shakespeare but we do know that he was baptised as a catholic in April during the year...
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