How Does Shakespeare Present Control and Power in Act Two Scene One of the Tempest?

Topics: Moons of Uranus, Prospero, Scarlett Johansson Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: March 18, 2011
In act one scene two, Shakespeare presents power and control in lots of different ways. He presents it so that most characters have some form of control or power in this scene. Prospero has the most control and power as he rules the Island and can perform magic. He is also a father which means that he would naturally have control over his daughter Miranda anyway and he shows control and power over her on more than one occasion. “Silence! One word more Shall make me scold you, if not hate you. What! A speaker for a spy? Hush!” Prospero is telling Miranda to be quiet and to stop speaking for Ferdinand or he will scold her. This shows Prospero’s control because he is ordering Miranda around and he is threatening her that he will hate her. Prospero has the most control over Ariel the spirit because when he first arrived on the Island, he freed Ariel who had been trapped in a tree by the evil Sycorax and Ariel is now serving Prospero. “Thou shalt be free As mountain winds; but then exactly do All points of my command.” Prospero is telling Ariel that he will soon be free, but only if he does exactly every detail of his command. This shows his control because Prospero has the power of bossing Ariel around and setting him free when he wants to. Prospero has power and control over Ferdinand even though he is no connection to him but purely because he rules the Island, knows magic and is generally very controlling. “stop your attack, Because I can disarm you here with this wand And make your weapon drop.” Prospero is threatening Ferdinand that if he doesn’t drop his weapon, he will disarm him with his wand. This shows that Prospero can do what he wants to him if he doesn’t obey him. Miranda tries her best to be in control of her father Prospero in some parts of the scene just by using speech. “O dear father! Don’t make too hasty a test of him, because He's gentle, and nothing to be afraid of.” She is telling Prospero not to be too hard on Ferdinand because he is nothing...
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