How Does Shakespeare Make Rosalind Such an Attractive Heroine?

Topics: As You Like It, Elizabethan era, Heroin Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: February 11, 2013
In Elizabethan time women were considered to be superior to men however in Shakespeare plays women are mostly central characters and the whole play revolves around them. In ‘as you like it’ Shakespeare has portrayed Rosaline’s character as being smart, confident, dominating and witty which makes her an attractive heroin as women in Elizabethan era were not like that. On the other hand Shakespeare also shows a softer side to Rosalind which is caring with a positive attitude. Shakespeare also depicts a high born Elizabethan women’s education through Rosalind’s wit and way with words as in the Elizabethan era a wealthy and noble born women was allowed education by a tutor at home. Shakespeare could have written this as the audience can relate to the era as well as it helps support the storyline as Rosalind plays both male and female character in the play which is another reason that she is a attractive heroine as this show her versatility as well as its unusual. Rosalind’s character makes an attractive heroine as she is witty and quick with her words and can make a lasting impression on people. Rosalind’s character in ‘as you like it’ is different from the way Elizabethan women at the time were as women were supposed to be suppressed however, Rosalind is a character who speaks what she thinks and does not care who she is speaking to. She is able to speak her mind and win in debates against male characters such as Orlando whom she has feelings for as well as others “men have died from time to time, and worms have eaten them, but not for love” this shows that when she thinks someone is wrong she will say what she thinks is correct which suggests that she is brave and does not let her being a women stop her. Her wittiness is shown by “worms have eaten them” she links pastoral this and also links the topic of love with something that is dead and eroded suggesting that not everyone dies because of love and that love is not always beautiful. On the other hand the...
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