How Does Shakespeare Make Act One Scene Five of Romeo Juliet Dramatically Effective?

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  • Published : October 13, 2009
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How does Shakespeare make act one scene five of Romeo Juliet dramatically effective? ‘When you’re in love, you can’t sleep because reality is better than your dreams’ – Dr Seuss In ‘Romeo and Juliet’ they have this dream of being together but it is conflicted with the reality of their families. Unfortunately they follow this dream which ultimately ends up in death; a testament to how powerful love really is. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is known as the greatest love story of all time. In the 16th century, people didn’t marry for love they married for wealth, a lot like when Juliet’s Dad arranges her to marry Paris. This is why Shakespeare had to incorporate violence and conflict to grab the audience’s attention. The themes are love, hate, disloyalty, fate and sin. Shakespeare would have to attract grab everyone’s attention throughout these plays, as many different people came to watch and I think he chose these sins because they can be used for every different characters personality. Shakespeare would do this by incorporating different religions and fancy language like the reference to the ‘Pentecost’ and using the word ‘pilgrim’ to describe Romeo.

During the whole play the word “sin” is used a lot by Juliet, Tybalt and Romeo. I think this is to show the audience that all of them will have a lot to be sorry for in the near future, as a sin is something you do wrong or something you ask god for forgiveness over. It is a strong word although it’s so short, as it foreshadows the outcome of people’s actions. Their punishments, so to speak. The nurse suddenly interrupts the sonnet showing the audience that there love isn’t a smooth ride already. The break in Romeo and Juliet’s conversation foreshadows the breaking of life, Romeo’s banishment and Juliet’s wedding to Paris as these things are all the things that lead up to, the consequence of Romeo and Juliet’s death. The nurse then starts talking to Romeo and toying with his emotions by talking about...
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