How Does Shakespeare Make Act 3 Scene 1 Such an Interesting, Dramatic and Important Scene?

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  • Published : March 18, 2011
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William Shakespeare is regarded as the greatest writer in English language. Act 3 Scene 1 is one of the most dramatic scenes in Romeo and Juliet. It is full of drama as young lovers try to keep a secret romance together and where the marriage begins to be destroyed. Shakespeare makes this scene very important because firstly at the start of Act 3 Scene 1, Mercutio ignores all of Benvolio’s warnings and the consequences of starting a fight. ‘Here’s my fiddlestick! - Here’s that shall make you dance. Zounds. Consort!’ Mercutios stereotypical Italian behaviour adds exotic and exciting elements to the play. He fully shows the passionate premadonne making this scene very dramatic and Shakespeare chooses him to play this character as this crazy, always up for a fight Mercutio because it makes it even more interesting and tense for all of us because there just has to be something that he will do that will definitely have an impact later on, like him annoying Tybalt lead to his own death. Another way Shakespeare makes this scene so dramatic is through Mercutio’s provocative character. He provokes Tybalt by joking all the time and he makes it a difficult conversation twisting everything around what he said, ‘Consort? What, dost thou make us minstrels?’ Shakespeare deliberately makes Mercutio turn around what Tybalt has said to him to an extended metaphor to stir everything up for everyone. Making the language turn around starts tension between the audience making us concerned of what terrible things might happen if Mercutio provokes Tybalt so bad to becoming a violent and irritated man. It is also ironic as Mercutio is supposed to be Romeo’s best friend but it’s him that makes Tybalt angry. This scene is very dramatic and Shakespeare shows this very well through the power of Mercutio over Romeo and how he changes his mind from being polite to angry which is very important for how the whole scene goes. He motivates him to go for revenge when he was injured and he blames...
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