How Does Recycling Effect the Environment

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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How does recycling effect the environment?
Why Is Recycling Important, you may ask. Recycling is reusing materials in original or changed forms rather than discarding them as wastes. In reusing material or changing material into new materials rather than throwing it away the environment as well as we benefit from it. The process of recycling protects the environment. With the world witnessing a global environmental decline, this is considered as one of the most important benefits of recycling. As we, all know that paper is manufactured from trees. As the demand for paper increases, a number of trees are being cut to produce paper. By recycling paper, we can prevent the destruction of forests. Today, a number of forests are being destroyed to meet the ever-increasing demand of paper. Recycling a ton of mixed paper or newspaper is equivalent to saving 12 trees. Given that the trees keep the surrounding environment clean by sucking up carbon dioxide from the air we breathe, it would be wise to use recycled paper as much as possible. Most people would agree that recycling not only affects the environment but it also makes the world a better place for plants and animals. For example, recycling paper products can in the end, preserve a large number of trees that otherwise be used to make new paper. This is one way that recycling directly affects the environment. Trees provide homes for birds and other animals, they provide shade for what would otherwise be a hot and dry land, and they are crucial to the oxygen/carbon dioxide balance in our atmosphere. Recycling can definitely have a positive effect on our world. Paper is not the only item that should be recycled. Glass bottles and plastic containers have become a problem for cities and private companies who operate landfills. The sheer numbers of containers thrown away take up a lot of landfill space, which puts companies and municipalities in the position of having to take up more land for another landfill...
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