How Does Negative Media Coverage Impact Organizational Performance: a Case Study on Custom Smelter

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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The University of Namibia

AN explanatory study on the impact of bad media coverage on organizational performance in Namibia with special reference to Windhoek

A research submitted to The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in candidacy for the Bachelor of Arts: Media Studies Honors Degree


By: Ms. Panduleni. H. Amwaalwa
Student Number: 200746880

Lecturer: Dr. C. Nengomasha

October 2012


This study is based on identifying the major issues associated with bad media coverage and its impact on organizational performance. This research was carried in Windhoek, the approach that was used for this research was the qualitative type of research, it is an explanatory type of study as the main purpose was to identify the major problems and give an in-depth explanation to them, as well as identify the strategies to avoiding and overcoming the issues at hand. This research was carried out mainly on two organizations from different sectors, mainly the Government Institution Fund (GIPF) and Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), questionnaires were used as the research instrument to gather the necessary information that was needed.

NBC went through a transition when employees went on strike demanding a salary raise and not attending work until management comply with their demands, NBC was offline for about a week and few days, this hit the newspapers, viewers were unhappy and complaining constantly. The effect this had on them was the loyalty bond and relationship between them and their employees was shuttled and viewers trust in them was diminished, furthermore the government was pushing them to improve as they were doubting as to whether the finance that they provide them with was after all worth it. When we look at the case of GIPF, the story is circulating in the Namibian newspaper, Namibian Sun Newspaper just to mention a few on their financial scandal, which is now referred to as the country’s biggest financial scandal, this situation has affected them majorly that clients want to withdraw and cancel their policies with them, the relationship between them and their clients has been tarnished majorly as readers keep following the story in the newspaper the more they want to close ties with GIPF.

Table of content
Abbreviation and Acronyms page 4

1. Introduction page 5-6

2. Background and Literature Review page 6-8

3. Purpose of study page 8-9

4. Research methodology
4.1 Research design page 9
4.2 Data collection methods page 9
4.3 Population page 9
4.4 Sample page 9-10
4.5 Research instrument page 10
4.6 Procedures page 10
4.7 Data analysis page 10

5. Study findings page 10-11

6. Discussion and Conclusion page 12

7. Recommendations...