How Does My Leadership Style Affect My Team

Topics: Laissez-faire, Management, Walk This Way Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: May 28, 2013
How Does My Leadership Style Affect My

With the chefs I take a more laissez faire approach to management. I trust the other chefs to look after themselves a bit more, to make their own decisions. They are very experienced and have the ability to manage their workload a lot easier.

There are certain times when I get more involved, like when I get specific instructions from my boss for things to be done a certain way, or when were doing a set menu with a set budget. At times like this we have to be very precise with the food we have. In these situations I have to be a bit more Bureaucratic as mistakes could lead to going over budget and a loss of revenue.

I believe this way of managing the Chefs gives them room to express themselves a bit more. Having the freedom to make decisions, and having to take responsibility for themselves. Makes them feel more involved and makes them feel part of a team.

When I’m working with the FSA’s I take a more bureaucratic approach. The reason for this their duties are a lot more structured than the Chefs. There’s not much room for being inventive or the express themselves. For example things like the way the counters have to be set up, or the sandwiches have to be made and presented are very strict. They have to be made to a set company standard. They also have rota’s to follow for cleaning duties, which I have to make sure they follow. Being bureaucratic is not a style of management that is very popular with them, but it is necessary to maintain strict standards. I feel it benefits the FSA’s by giving them very clear and precise way of working, so that they have a very clear definition of what they have to do each day. I believe taking the bureaucratic style of management will have a positive affect on the weaker individuals in the FSA team. It lets them take responsibility for the sections they are working on, and helps them to improve their standards. By doing this it will raise the quality of work in the...
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