How Does My Interpersonal Communication Shield Impact My Everyday Communication Skills?

Topics: Communication, 2006 singles, Psychology Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: April 20, 2012
How does my Interpersonal Communication Shield impact my everyday communication skills?

Being able to participate and take part in this project was very interesting. It gave me a chance to look at how others view me, how I view myself, and what influences me to be the person that I am. I’ve always been a nice and hardworking person. I love to help people, and I try to stay very positive even when situations present themselves to seem impossible. My family and friends along with my boyfriend all help influence the attitude that I have towards life. I’m a very open person in social situations, but I can also be very guarded about my personal life. I’ve always had a pretty decent self-esteem. I try not to allow others the satisfaction of forcing me to come out of my comfort zone and ruin my self-esteem. I try to stay out of situations that may make me feel bad about myself. I believe that my interpersonal communication shield impacts my everyday communication skills. From the nurturing people that surround me on a daily basis to influence me to stay positive and always be myself, to my defense against destructive cultural beliefs that help me stay encouraged to always be positive. I am most definitely impacted by my shield. There are also many things that I don’t know about myself, such as particular body language. I do many things that I don’t notice but someone else may notice subconsciously. This is in my hidden self these could be negative or positive. But I do know that they are reflections of how I really feel at times. In my private life I can be like a wall, I’m extremely guarded about my feelings and my business. I can easily self-disclose to my family and close friends as well as my boyfriend, although it is a lot harder for me to self-disclose with strangers and distant friends and associates. I can be a loner at times but I use my self- affirming statements to stay positive and keep my head up when I can’t rely on others to influence my attitude....
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