How Does Miller Create Tension in the Last Scene/Act One in a View from the Bridge.

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  • Published : September 12, 2010
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How Does Miller Convey Tension In This Scene?

In this essay I will be discussing the various ways that Arthur Miller creates tension in the last scene in act one of A View from the Bridge. When you read this essay you will have to understand the definition of tension is. According the Oxford School Dictionary, “tension is a feeling of anxiety or nervousness about something that is about to happen.” Before the scene I will discuss how Eddie and Rodolpho created an awkward tension between them. They create this tension because Eddie is jealous of Catherine and Rodolpho's relationship because Catherine loves him and not Eddie; he doesn't like the fact that his feelings are one way only. At the start of the play we out that Beatrice’s cousins are going to live with them. We then find out that Beatrice’s cousins are illegal immigrants from Italy. Marco decides to work in America to pay for his family, who live in Italy and are poor. Rodolpho came with Marco making it seem like he’s going to help Marco with his family. Eddie doesn’t like Rodolpho from the start of the play, but after Rodolpho starts dating Catherine Eddie starts to dislike him more.

In this scene Eddie is portrayed as an impatient character, “Rises, paces up and down” he creates tension and a tense atmosphere for everyone in the scene because he is pacing, no one can tell what he’s going to do next. As he’s pacing he starts lecturing them “a girl don’t go around with a shawl over her head that she ain’t strict, y’know? Girl don’t have to wear a black dress to be strict.” In this quote he is trying to contain his anger, but has been easily angered with brings tension because his anger will only just get greater and it will bring more awkwardness to the scene that’s unfolding in front of him. Rodolpho doesn’t get what he’s done wrong and tries to reason with Eddie “I always have respect.” This brings a confused, awkward tension to the scene. Beatrice starts to back Rodolpho and Catherine up,...
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