How Does Media Affect My Life

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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How Does Media Affect My Life?

The developing industry of media and technology has flourished into a revolution. A revolution in which has embarked on plenty of opportunities for media companies to expand and give people the ability to experience a new wave of media products and communications. The affects in which the author of the novel ‘The Shallows’, Nicholas Carr, discusses throughout his own personal experiences of how media has negatively affected his life and his mentality. From reading his novel and his insight on what the Internet is really doing to our brains, I was able to contrast what Carr had said to my own perspective and connect it to experience’s I have had similar to his. Through decades, the evolution of technology has cultivated media into something so easily accessible. Thus, creating those using this technology, to be unfocused in our generation and future generations, changing ones behaviour and creating habits due to neuroplasticity, and finally the crave for more technology to meet our generations enthusiastic needs.

In this generation, the media has provided its audiences and purchasers with the opportunities and experiences to broaden their personal horizons. Companies and industries have provided societies and people globally with many chances to explore the World Wide Web. Carr explains his insights of the Internet thoroughly throughout his first chapter ‘Hal and Me’. He explains his involvement with his first ever purchased computer and how he fell in love with the capabilities the machine provided. Carr became so involved with the computer he invested into more computers when they were first released. Carr quickly realized what his machine and Internet was actually doing to his brain years later, making him completely unfocused. He noticed specifically when trying to read through a book, and he was not the only one. I think that the media and the Internet have taken away from the generation today, and future generations...
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