How Does Leaving Ones Home Cause Change

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  • Published : November 8, 2006
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How does leaving ones home causing change?

When I saw the topic for this paper, all I could think of was how much I had to say about it. I had just moved all the way across the country, from coast to coast, to a place where I know no one and had never been. I was thinking about how much I had changed, but when it came down to giving examples, I had none. I really have not changed since I moved here. What I have done is created the same good situation with all new people. Leaving one's home does not change a person, but it does help a person understand a lot about themselves by removing them from their daily habitat.

When a person has lived in the same place or had the same job for a few years, they typically get into a routine, better knows as a rut. Whether a job be Monday through Friday or varied most people get into a custom, such as waking up an hour and a half before their start time, taking a shower, eating or drinking a cup of coffee. After work many people always have a glass of wine or a bottle of beer or it may even be as simple as calling the same person every time you leave work. People develop routines without even knowing it.

Most people do not realize how much the simple things they do everyday can have such an impact when they can no longer be preformed. For instance, a romantic break up can leave someone so confused because the person they are no longer with had such an impact on their daily lives; it almost ruins their routine once they remove themselves. Maybe you and the person you were in a relationship with called each other on your lunch breaks everyday, or you lived together. This can be really hard because you go to grab your phone but there is no one to call. Moving or leaving your home can have the same effect.

When a person moves some where they have the opportunity to develop new habits. This development can be caused by the fact that the person can no longer be in the same routine they previously where....
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