How Does Karma Affect You?

Topics: Temperature, English-language films, Statue of Liberty Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: May 22, 2013
How Does Karma Affect You?
Final Revision
Jamie Hansen
English 090 / Winter 2013
Professor Laura Weber
March 13th, 2013

What side of karma are you on? For those who believe, there are two sides to karma: good and bad. I believe karma will work with you or against you, it just depends on if you choose to be a good or bad person. When I see someone who is being mean, rude or disrespectful as well as when I see someone being kind, helpful or respectful, I can’t help but wonder how and when karma will pay them a visit. You and only you can choose what side you want karma to be on. It was mid-January in Dickinson, North Dakota, where on average the temperature in January is fifteen degrees Fahrenheit. I was driving my son Trevor to school. I was halfway listing to my five year old endlessly yammer on about the things he was going to do at school and trying to pay attention the road. I noticed a figure in the distance jumping around. As I drove closer, the figure came into vision I noticed it was a man. On the corner of the street was a Liberty Tax worker. He was dressed as the statue of liberty. He was jumping around like his pants were on fire. My first instinct was to laugh, because he looked a fool bouncing around like he was. Then I grew sad. I wondered how long he had been out in the artic like temperatures to do advertisement for the company. I knew he must be cold and felt sympathy for him. I know when you have to be outside when it cold, sometimes the only way to stay warm is to keep moving, to keep your blood circulating. After I dropped Trevor off at school, I drove about a mile out of my way and got a cappuccino and a hot chocolate. I returned to the corner where I saw the man. I pulled into the parking lot and approached the dancing man. I said to him “you look like you are freezing, would you like a cappuccino or a hot chocolate?” He looked at me with a dumbfounded look and said “a hot chocolate would be nice.” I handed him...
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