How Does Irvine Welsh Use Form, Structure and Language to Express Struggle for Identity?

Topics: Woman, Gender, Female Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: January 27, 2011
Welsh uses structure to show juxtaposition of the different characters and the different position of the narratives. One way that Welsh expresses struggle for identity is through the use of gender roles. “The rest make whooping noises and dae a drum roll on the table. Ah complete the order feeling shattered and debased and deport to the kitchen.” At this point in the book the character Kelly is working as a waitress in an Edinburgh restaurant. Some male costumers treat her with disrespect and she decides to get some revenge on the unpleasant customers. This shows the reader how Kelly is treated because she is a woman. The fact that they make “whooping” noises towards her show how they are demeaning her and treating her as an act. Irvine Welsh combines standard and non-standard dialects in his various narrative voices, the different dialects set a barrier between the reader and the character in the book which the reader has to over come to connect with the character. Welsh offers a way for the reader to connect with the character, through using the current issue of gender and the different ways in which women are sometimes portrayed. In the chapter ‘Feeling Free’ which is narrated by Kelly, Kelly and Alison create a scene in front of a construction site by getting into an argument with some construction workers who are shouting abuse at them. “The guy looks at her wi real hate” this shows the reader that he hates her because he is male and feels superior to females. “So ah wis a doll a minute ago whin ye wir hasslin us. Now that ah tell ye tae fuck off, ah’m a boot.” When Alison retaliates to the man hassling them he does not like it and backs off and resorts to calling her and Kelly names to try and keep his superiority. Welsh associates gender with love. He does this by making it seem inferior to gender. This idea is revealed in the chapter ‘Her Man’ which is narrated by Second Prize. Second Prize and Tommy are in the pub and Tommy confronts a man who is openly...
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