How Does Internet Affects Student Study Habits

Topics: Internet, History of the Internet, Social network service Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: March 7, 2013
How does the internet affects the study habits of students.
In today's era internet are just around the corner. Almost all people have internet connections through the use of their mobile phones, tablets and laptops whether they are kids, teens or adult. Before, people use snail mail to send letters to others but today it’s just a one click away from the internet. For educational purposes, others usually go to the library to search for something. But, today internet has many uses. They make the life of people especially students easier and more productive. Most schools of today have online subjects and an online course which is a good example that it is really indeed affects the study habits of a student. For students they can keep track of the newest trends that is the so called "IN" for the week or for the month or even what is the tending topic of the day. Aside from using the Internet for educational purposes it may also serve as a stress reliever (somehow) because signing to the different social networking sites may help you to communicate with others. Mostly people use Internet for personal his/her desires. History of Internet

The basis of the internet that we are using today is made possible by 3 great individuals and a research conference. They are Vannevar Bush, Norbert Weiner, Marshall McLuhan and the 1956 Dartmouth Artificial Intelligence conference. These people help in the conceptual foundation of the internet. This is According to N.A(N.D) The World’s First Web book(2000). Internet History. Retrieved from How does the internet affect education?

According to Wilkinson, Angela (2011, December 22). How does Education use the Internet? (Infographic). Retrieved from “About 90% of faculties are using social media in courses they’re teaching, 32% of students in higher education are taking at...
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