How Does Hosseini Present Hassan and His Attitudes? (Plan Only)

Topics: Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner, Hazara people Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: February 24, 2011
Essay Plan: The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini

How does Hosseini present Hassan and his attitudes?

As: INNOCENT, strong, willing, brotherly, friendly, correct, WELL BEHAVED, intelligent, understanding, MORAL, a father's dream, better than Amir, tarnished, imperfect, literal, gentle, LOYAL, the opposite of Amir

How: figurative language "like a chinese doll" page 3

motif of Kites "his life of unrequited loyalty drifting from him like the winblown kites he used to chase" kite chasing days are over, loyal until the day he died - unlike Amir.

Hosseini uses the status of the characters to present Hassan as intelliegent. " Hosseini uses the character of Amir retelling the story to present Hassan as intelligent. Many years later, still recalls the conversation perfectly - obviously important to Amir. Hassan is important to Amir.

Other main characters, and there opinion to characterise Hassan as different to Amir. Baba and Rahim conv - page Hosseini uses proleopsis to present Hassan as different to Amir.
Hosseini uses Amir's viewpoint to present hassan as evolving throughout the novel "Hassan's face changed" "the one I knew .. a second face"pg 47 "He looked older" pg 80 presents him as changed due to Amir? 'taken a knife and carved those lines himself' repetition of carving

Uses a motif of 'carving' to present Hassan as sculptured, as being made into what he should be - a servant, a friend, a brother. pg 80, chpt 8. "I might as well have taken a knife and carved those lines myself" "Chinese doll chiseled from Hardwood" (metaphor) hard = strong. Fighting the battkes for Amir, proleptic of the raoe incident. Moulded into people's expectations. Perfection for Amir - although he does not seem to allow himself to think this, For Baba the son he never had' and for Ali the child who would turn into the same gentle, kind man - mirroring his service to Baba and Amir also.

introduce; demonstrate acquaint, adduce, advance, allege, cite, declare,...
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