How Does Hitchcock Exceed Audience Expectations in Psycho?

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How does Hitchcock exceed audience expectations in Psycho?

The director of the 1960 film Psycho was directed by Alfred Hitchcock, born 13th August 1899, in London. He died 29th April 1980 aged 80. He was a British filmmaker and producer who pioneered many techniques in the suspense and psychological thriller genres. After a successful career in the United Kingdom in both silent films and early sound films, Hitchcock moved to Hollywood. In 1956 he became an American citizen while retaining his British citizenship. Hitchcock directed more than fifty feature films in his career lasting six decades. He remains one of the most popular and most famous filmmakers of all time. People recognised him due to cameo appearances in his own films and the series of television dramas he hosted, Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

The production was filmed at the Universal studios but Hitchcock had to pay out of his own money for the use of the studios. The film company Paramount agreed to distribute the film and gave Hitchcock 60% of the earnings. Paramount would not support the making of the film. Hitchcock paid nine thousand dollars for film rights. He gave up his two hundred and fifty thousand dollar directors’ fee.

The film had a reasonably tight budget. You can see this by the fact that Hitchcock cast fairly unknown actors. Anthony Perkins, who played Norman Bates, was known as a supporting actor and does not play main lead or “anti-hero” this was unexpected for the audience. The unknown actors meant that the audience could not tell what the film will be about due to the type-coating of the actors.

Hitchcock was clever with the censorship. Censorship was very strict in 1960s. Directors were not allowed to show explicit nudity, sexual activity and violent scenes including blood and on-screen death etc. Hitchcock gets round the censorship in the first scene by showing Sam and Marion in the hotel room getting dressed, the bed also is unmade. This leads to the audiences’...
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