How Does Hill Create a Sense of Isolation in the Woman in Black

Topics: The Reader, A Story, Atmosphere Pages: 3 (1269 words) Published: November 13, 2012
The Woman in Black (TWIB) is a story about isolated people in an isolated place. Not least TWIB before she died. Janet Humfrye was isolated by her plight as a mother of an illegitimate child, which was frowned upon by society in the early 20th century when the story is set. Even the town’s people of Crithin Gifford were isolated on the marshes and almost described as though they lived in another dimension, another part of the world set apart from the rest of society. The sense of isolation runs like a thread right through the whole book. Hill does this by creating vivid pictures in the reader’s mind. She uses detailed descriptions or imagery with frequent use of metaphor, simili and personification techniques. She also uses short and effective phrases with repetition of words to help create the impact of the descriptions on the reader. Hill was a big fan of Dickens who also used this technique. Hill begins the story by describing the central character Kipps as a bit of a recluse living at Monks piece. She turns the story a full circle and finishes in the same place when Kipps has recounted the story of what happened to him in the marshes. The very name Monks Piece conjures up a reclusive monk living alone. Kipps has been living a quiet hermit like existence since buying Monks Piece in his middle age. Kipps describes himself as needing solitude in order to cope with his feelings. He describes himself as a ‘sombre pale complexioned man with a strained expression’ and ‘no taste at all for social life.’ This is in stark contrast to his former self as the young Arthur Kipps who was keen, care free, innocent, ambitious and full of energy. The descriptions of Alice Drablow (AD) in a London Particular by Bentley give the impression of a lonely isolated woman. She is described as a ‘rum un’ by Bentley and lived like a recluse at Eel Marsh House when she was alive. Her only family lived abroad in India and had done so for 40 years. She is described as having ‘no friends...
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