How Does Good Leader Influence the Team

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  • Published : September 2, 2012
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1.0Research Question
How does a good leader influence the team performance?

2.0Literature Review
2.1Leaders turn visions into successes, said Kahn P. 2003 (Kibort 2004) Leader with a clear vision will able to lead the team to real a goal. He will not ignore problem, focus on innovation, take risks, and finally build winning team. 2.2Great leaders have vision, honesty, passion, authenticity, great communication skills, and competencies, stated Shaeffert (Kibort 2004) Leaders with great leadership skills want to make positive changes and differ from others. 2.3Emergency leadership mitigates effects of disasters and implements response (Koorosh 2002) There might be large natural disasters such as earthquake in Turkey in 1999. Leaders with effective leadership will plan for action, prepare to respond, mitigating disaster effects, and respond to the disasters. Leadership qualities and an ability to make rapid decisions on the ground are vital to success. 2.4Self-leadership influence individuals to self-motivation and self-direction (Hardy 2004) Not just having a leader in a team, team members’ self-leadership enables to shape one’s performance in a better way. Charles Manz believed that self-leadership is needed for managerial effectiveness. Self-leaders in high-performance organisations look for the natural basic rewards of unpleasant tasks, rather than rely on outward incentives to prompt work satisfaction. Self-leadership practice may change perceptions employees have the leadership and good performance culture within their organisations.

2.5Leaders improve safety culture of an organisation (Tessier 2006) Everybody is involved in safety committees and is treated as equals; no matter they are hourly employees, technical personnel, supervision or management. With the concern of leaders, risks can be managed and minimized the employees’ injuries. Leaders are liable for his subordinates, especially their thoughts and feels. There is result showing that, within three years, a company manages to reduce its recordable injury rate from the mid-ten's down to the range of 3.0 with a lost time injury rate in the range of 1.0. Both management and employees need to be involved in managing safety. Working in a safety environment will results in higher level of achievement. 2.6 Lead continuous growth (Kennedy 2005)

Sustained growth is a challenge for almost every company, for example to expand globally. Growth is achieved through several ways, such as operational structures and entrepreneurial concepts for successful internationalization. In these several aspects, leadership guides the company to the right pathway achieving the mission. 2.7Clear and authentic leadership direct company growth (Kennedy 2005) Authentic leaders demonstrate integrity, values and confidence. They put customers and employees on the first place. Authentic leaders speak out even it is wrong and admit their mistakes. Leadership can be enhanced and developed by learning and experience. 2.8Clear strategic vision (Horwood 2005)

Throughout the history of finance, most successful banks have often been associated with a single leader. Leaders have complete control of the reins of power during those days compared to now. Today, ownership is widespread but the leaders accountable to determine how to keep the company stay competitive or independent during crisis.

2.9Leadership forms strong society (Mourya 2011)
Leadership is important in creating, developing, and maintaining a strong society. Leaders hold responsibility and keep the team members focus on ultimately achieving the aim. He should believe in fairness and cheers everyone to be a part of the success of reaching the overall objective. With great vision, leader is able to gather everyone to help reaching goals and ambitions. 2.10As a medium of interaction among the members (Mourya 2011) There is basic communication among the team members. Leader usually communicates and builds a...
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