How Does Genocide Affect Me Today?

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  • Published : September 8, 2011
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As a seventeen year old sometimes I still feel like I am lost child of nine years. Something’s just don’t seem to make since, and my imagination runs wild. My mind stays innocent, and I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around things. I still think the world is perfect and everyone is friends. I am a child in an evil dirty world of innocence and perfection.

In the world today and in the past it has happened again and again. Today I feel like it’s always going to happen, because we refuse it is happening. No one wants to tell themselves that there is genocide somewhere in the world. In some way we are all that nine year old boy who doesn’t understand what is going on, who just thinks the world is perfect.

Exactly fifty years after we said never again it happened again. In Rwanda one hundred days of blood was shed. Men, women, little girls, little boys and even babies all killed because of their race. We did nothing, we ass in the rest of the world. We all turned our back and acted like nothing happened. Half-a-million lives could of ben saved, but we all seemed to be a nine year old boy. I blame the world for the lost lives, not the Hutus, the world.

Thirty five years after we said it would never happen again, it happened again. Once again we turned our backs and acted like nothing happened once again. Our minds went blank like a nine year old boy. The Khmer Rouge committed genocide by killing off many people. We knew it was going on and we did nothing about it. Many lives could of ben saved.

Today sixty seven years after we said never genocide strikes again. In Sudan many are being killed today. We still turned our backs and refused to believe. Many lives were lost for no reason. We could have stopped this. We could have done something about it, but we just did not.

This example of the disgrace of human rights amazes me. We say this is wrong this is right, and make these giant leaps for human right laws, yet we don’t enforce them. We know what he law is,...
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