How Does Fitzgerald Tell the Story in Chapter 1 of the Great Gatsby?

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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How does F. Scott Fitzgerald tell the story in chapter 1 of The Great Gatsby?

In chapter one of ‘The Great Gatsby’ Fitzgerald introduces us to the narrator, also a character within the book, Nick Carraway. The first chapters written with great intension, started with a quote, a life lesson of Carraway’s. Fitzgerald does this in the way a tale but also a speech may be told, stating Carraway’s ground within the book, that he’s the knowing one and the one who supposedly can tell it most truthfully as he’s “inclined to reserve all judgements”.

We’re introduced to almost all of the main characters from the book within this chapter; we first meet the main character being Nick Carraway. We learn straight off he’s a man, who’s had opportunities, making him a snobbish man which he knows, but also a liar to which he doesn’t. He mentions he reserves all judgments, however shortly after and during, mentioning his quality he says young men “are usually plagiaristic and marred by obvious suppressions” judging people, in a stereotypical light. We then meet Daisy and Jordan “two young women”. Daisy’s seen as a flirtatious character, with her “charming little laugh”. We’re introduced to her like this girly, friendly person to juxtapose with her other half and father of her child tom. As toms an arrogant man who intimidates Carraway with his direct authority, when influencing caraways movements. Toms the antagonist within the book enabling the change in atmosphere suddenly and strongly. Fitzgerald has him comment on “civilisation’s going to pieces” and being racist to show how he sees himself on a pedestal, whilst displaying his crude personality, which can cut atmospheres. This is could also be looked at as if it was written to mean something much wider, as before the atmosphere was almost dreamlike which was cut to a much darker one. Representing their lives in that era, acting happy and joyful on the surface but underneath the reality is rather nasty and sinister....
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