How Does Culture Affects Us?

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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How does culture affects a person’s identity? In what aspects of the youth’s life are influenced by culture? Is it necessary for people to imitate others before they can be original and creative? I’ve been puzzled about this issue. But for further clarifications, let me give my point of view to these questions.

Culture is the pattern of thinking and behavior in which people living in a particular social group learn, create and share. Through this, others can distinguish to which society does a person belongs with. The way a person dress, the way he talks and how he thinks about something shows his identity. I think that popular culture has a strong influence to an individual. We may not notice it easily but culture reveals our personality.

There are several aspects of the youth’s life are influenced by culture. The way they talk, specially when they are with their friends, is noticeably influence by some popular phrases in the community. Their health is also influenced by a popular culture. Teens would always like to eat from fast food chains because their friends tell them to do so without seeing the fact that it’s not healthy. They just wanted to get in to their friends. Another aspect of a teen’s life influenced by culture is their choice of music to listen to. I think TV and other media contributed a lot about this. For instance, I think that MTV has a big influence in many of the young adults at my school. If they listen to a song on TV or in a website, they'll immediately start loving that song and listen to it most of the time. They'll think it's cool and since everyone else is listening to it they'll love it. I do my own thing and always think that they don't understand anything that is going on in my life even though deep inside I do know that they know but I just don't want to admit it. No matter if it's rap, rock or pop, I don't understand how young adults enjoy that sort of music.

“Insist on yourself. Never imitate.”, a quote by Ralph Waldo...
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