How Does "Casablanca" Support the War Effort?

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  • Published : March 20, 2005
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1.How does "Casablanca" support the war effort? Recall any scenes or lines that contain pro-war messages. Casablanca starts as a news reel. You see a slowly turning globe that highlights the ally countries and the axis countries during WW II. Also, there is a documentary-style narration at the beginning of the movie, which sets the tone for a war time movie. Also, there is a scene in the movie where Germans are at Rick's bar sing a German song. Then Victor causes the bar band to begin playing a patriotic French song, which quickly over takes the sound of the German soldiers' voices. I believe this scene in the movie portrays Casablanca as begin a pro-war movie. It shows that although it may take time the ally forces while overcome the Germans.

2.Do you think Ilsa really loves Victor? What makes you think yes or no? I believe that Ilsa does love Victor but the foundation for that love is rooted in loyalty due solely on the relationship that Ilsa and Victor have shared concerning their escape from the Germans. During Rick and Ilsa conversation while she was trying to get the letters of transit from Rick her love for Victor is made clear. She is in love with the institution in which he stands for and the cause for which he is fighting.

3.Do you think Victor knows what really happened between Rick and Ilsa? Explain. I believe the Victor is aware that something happened between Rick and Ilsa, and that what happened was an intimate experience. However, at the same time Victor also knows that Ilsa is loyal towards him and what he is fighting for.

4.Which of the men do you think loves Ilsa more? Victor or Rick? Why? I think that Rick loved Ilsa more because in the end he was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice by letting go of Ilsa. Towards the end of the movie Rick is left to make the decision regarding who will get the letters of transit as a result of Ilsa inability to decide what to do. Rick realizes that Victor should leave because of the...
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