How Does Art and Music Relates to Each Other

Topics: Art, Mafia, The Los Angeles Times Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: May 15, 2013
How does art and music relates to each other. Do they have a social impact?

. Art and music bring many cultures from all around the world together. Both express thoughts, emotions, stories, views, ideas, and opinions of human life. For instance, art is a form of expression as well as music. Moreover, music describe a person’s culture, life, feeling and hobbies as well as art. It is how people liberty to express themselves through music in whichever way they well as art and what people confront on a daily basis. Furthermore, art and music has change over time and it has influence in the way we dress and dance. It also reflects on violence and drugs. Finally, have an extremely negative impact on the attitudes and behaviors of American youth. Music affects society now in days by influencing teens in the wrong way. For instance, music videos have made a humongous impact on the behavior of teens. Moreover, teens flaunt their bosoms around just because they see it on the videos so they portray the same image thinking that is the style. For example, Adriana, a cousin she dresses something similar to that and her response is that is what is in. Also, the way teens dance through music. For example, the songs Bring it, Donk, Ass by listening to this type of songs they start twerking dancing. In particular, a dance that teases and inappropriately moves. It consists of how you shake your behind. personality my perspectives about those move dances are inhuman. In addition, this type of songs has made an impact on the dances and it has everybody twerking. A dance that consist of shaking hips and bottom and bouncing up and down motion, causing to shake, wobble and jiggle .Another, huge impact would be the song and dance called The Twist it had have a tremendous impact back in the days. many people were against it but some were not. Foremost, John Johnson Jr. (“The Twist” The Los Angeles Times, 2013) states. “Soon, the fad hopped generations, sweeping up the “Mad...
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