How Does an Extract Effect the Reader's Understanding of Slim in 'of Mice and Men' (Questions a&B)

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Of Mice And Men Slim Questions
Question A- How does the extract improve the reader’s understanding of Slim?

The passage immediately introduces Slim as an authoritative and almost regal member of the ranch: “He moved with a majesty only achieved by royalty and master craftsmen.” Most of the men working on the ranch are transient and poor and, although Slim is no exception, he does not share their careless and selfish attitudes. Slim also accepts his authority and responsibilities, despite the fact that he would have little respect outside of the ranch, which, ironically, places him in high standing on the ranch. This is emphasized by the admiration and respect given to him by the others: “…the prince of the ranch”. He is awarded a title by the others due to the fact that they do not see him as equal to them; they view him as an almost mythical person of extreme benevolence and compassion. They therefore give him more attention and hold him higher esteem than they do with anyone else on the ranch, meaning that Slim has, in the men’s opinions; become the unofficial leader of the ranch. Furthermore, the passage describes Slim as something similar to a divine being: “His hatchet face was ageless”. This suggests that, to the others, Slim is god-like and unique in his ability to never fail physically and consequently never to suffer the pain, humiliation and uselessness anyone else would be forced into, as demonstrated by Candy.

Despite all of the adoration and respect surrounding Slim, it is clear to the reader that his future is that of the other men, as shown in the statement: ‘Like the others he wore blue jeans and a short denim jacket.’ Slim is like every other worker on the ranch; he is exactly as lonely and incomplete as they are, symbolised by his clothing, and he has to cope with the same problems. The reader is shown the reality before the idolised view, but it makes the build-up of his prowess and pre-eminence all the more staggering. It becomes...
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