How Does an Airplane Flies

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How Does An Airplane Fly?|
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Most of the people here in the Earth above questions or ask themselves how does an airplane fly. By reading this article, you can now understand how does an airplane fly. This article is then fitted with illustrations to help you more understand about the said topic. Also, here you can greatly understand the theory behind the said topic.|

ll the object here on the Earth above, needs a wing in order to lift itself and a power to push itself forward. If an object is light in weight it is easy to fly, like a kite, it is made up of paper and thin strips of wood, so it is light in weight, a bird; their body is lightweight so they can fly easily without any hassle. If an object is heavy or huge, it needs a great lift and power in order to lift them. I’m pretty much sure that most of the people here, ask themselves, ask their colleagues, when they are at the airport and boarding an airplane, the airplane’s takeoff, cruise and landing. Of all this circumstances , how does an airplane flies, and stay up in the air or sky, despite of its tremendous weight and gravity. I’m also pretty much sure that everyone of us have seen an airplane takeoff at the airport, the ascend or climb at the air see from below at the villages, and from down where, look up in the sky there is a couple of flashing lights up there not knowing it is an airplane.

irplanes fly by knowing the different requirements namely:
1st step, is the PRINCIPLES OF FLIGHT. Applying 2 scientific principles from different scientists. These principles were: Bernoulli’s principle and Newton’s Law of motion. Bernoulli’s principle states that “The relationship between the velocity and pressure exerted by a moving liquid or air”, next is Newton’s 3rd Law of motion states that “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

Bernoulli’s Principle

Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion
2nd step is the FORCES ACTING ON AN AIRPLANE, we need forces in order to fly, and these forces are namely thrust, drag, weight and lift. Thrust is the forward motion cause by the powerplant, Drag is the backward motion or the hindering force due to the shape of the fuselage, the planes on the body of the aircraft, Weight is the force attracting object closer to the earth because of gravity and lastly the Lift is the force that pushes the airplane up by flowing the air through the wings and pushing the airplane upward. 3rd step is the PRIMARY CONTROL SURFACES; of course the airplane need controls not only the forces and the principles. Primary control surfaces consists of first the aileron. Aileron is an airfoil located at the wings both left and right, it is used to raise and lower the wings. The pilot controls the roll of the plane by raising one aileron or the other with a control wheel. Turning the control wheel clockwise raises the right aileron and lowers the left aileron, which rolls the aircraft to the right. Second is the rudder. Rudder is an airfoil located at the empennage particularly at the vertical stabilizer; it is used to control the yaw of the plane. The pilot moves rudder left and right, with left and right pedals. Pressing the right rudder pedal moves the rudder to the right. This yaws the aircraft to the right. Used together, the rudder and the ailerons are used to turn the plane. Last primary control is the elevator. Elevator is located at again the empennage particularly at the horizontal stabilizer; it is used to to control the pitch of the plane. A pilot uses a control wheel to raise and lower the elevators, by moving it forward to back ward. Lowering the elevators makes the plane nose go down and allows the plane to go down. By raising the elevators the pilot can make the plane go up.

4th Prior to this primary control surfaces is the SECONDARY CONTROL SURFACES. Trim tabs are small surfaces connected to the trailing...
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