How does use their digital channels to achieve success?

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How does use their digital channels to achieve success?

1. History and Success, Inc. is the world’s largest retailer (Barney, 2011) conducting online business with its headquarters in Washington, USA. started its operations as an online bookstore in 1995 by Mr. Jeff Bezos (Gary, 2005). Later on the business was expanded by selling Digital Videos, Compact Disks, Media Player 3, computer software, games for kids and youth, house hold electronic devices, furniture and fixture, food related items and other marketable mix.

The basic motive behind the company was to offer wide variety of goods conveniently to the customers at low cost. The company got success and fame in its initial phase with an average sale of 20,000 dollars per week in its first two months among the 45 countries (Josh, 2009). in 2003 had a record of business more than 5 billion dollars sales and 76 million active users in 200 different nations round the globe in 2008 with 17000 workers, working for the clients round the clock.

2. web analytics

Web analytics is a powerful tool to get knowledge about the popular trends, common likes and dislikes and priorities of the variety of customers. It helps in prospecting. Potential customers of a particular product and service can easily be traced and sellers can contact their potential buyers and even can sell multidimensional products to the same customer. is also using web analytics tools. It helps in data management and also increases the security level. It can help in secured payments and meticulous delivery of products to their buyers and also focuses their trends and can forecast for the future purchases.

3. Use of digital channel uses a highly developed digital channel in five ways in order to achieve invincible success. These channels are shortly described as:

1. Enhanced customer involvement

Customer involvement is a strong marketing strategy followed by Customers feel themselves as the part of the company which gives rise to a smooth relationship. following this strategy, gives full detail about the products shipped and updated the status accordingly. It also gives the description of the new products for the clients and clients also has option to give their reviews and to rate a products in terms of value for money.

2. Increased customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is basic theme of the uses a customer satisfaction matrix for examining the customer’s satisfaction towards a product or service. Customer satisfaction is increased by the continuous monitoring the number of web-pages explored by the users, number of transactions made by the clients and the speed of downloading. Following its customer satisfaction techniques, got first place in American Customer Satisfaction Index.

3. Regular improvement of the website

Users prefer a simple website with all the options they can use readily available without any complexities. spends multi million dollars to investigate the problems that customers face and to improve its website regularly, making it a user friendly website. As a online retailer, if all of its books and audio-visual products are listed, it is unnecessary and the user is also not very convenient to choose what needed. Therefore, Amazon sets the search engines and navigation to facilitate the purchase of the users to act as essential technical measures. In addition, the homepage of the Amazon to do very well, it provides a wide variety of all-round way to search, for example: title search, the subject search, keyword search and the search of the author. Meanwhile, it also provides a series of best-selling bibliographies, award-winning music, the highest grossing movie of navigation, search device and user-friendly search-election to guide the...
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