How Does Alcohol Affect Our Society and Our Health?

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  • Published : May 3, 2011
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How does Alcohol affect our society and our Health?
An alcoholic beverage is a drink which has ethanol in it. There are 3 types of alcohol, beer, wine and spirits. The highest percentage of Alcohol is normally in spirits and the lowest is in beer. Alcohol is legally drunken in most countries however, “100 countries have laws regulating their production, sale, and consumption”. In England one is allowed to be served alcohol when they are 16 and over however one can only buy alcohol when they are 21 or over. In my opinion this is wrong because most people consider a drug, yet most people don’t see alcohol anywhere near as bad for you as taking drugs even thou “Alcohol kills around 85,000 people per year”. For the amount of deaths from drugs annually it is hard to tell because “Cause of death is recorded on death certificates but doctors may not mention drugs, even where drugs might be involved”. After listening to the 85’000 deaths a year fact it is surprising that alcohol is warmly welcomed at any dinner, cultural event or even political events. Alcohol is widely used and seen in our society today. In this essay I will go through the health risks and how it plays a part in our modern world.

Health Risks
* The NHS recommend:
* “Men should not regularly drink more than 3-4 units a day. * Women should not regularly drink more than 2-3 units a day.” Regularly means drinking these amounts every day or most days of the week. National Statistics say men drink an average of 18.7 units a week, compared with 9.0 units for women. On average this is correct however far too many people are drinking much over this statistic a week, and that is what is damaging or society as well. In Great Britain, just under a third of men (31%) and one in five women (20%) drink more than the advised weekly limits of 21 and 14 units a week respectively. Alcohol is a toxin which kills cells” When put in those words most people then take alcohol more seriously.Out of most drugs...
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