How Does Advertisement Work?

Topics: Advertising, Communication design, Sex in advertising Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Isn’t it a mystery how infomercials convincing you to buy something you don’t need, but somehow you end up buying it anyways? Or why you do you remember the GEICO Gecko or the catch phrase “I’m lovin’ it” Every time you drive by McDonalds? Most likely that’s because you fell victim of the power of advertising? But why did you fall victim of one of the most expensive industries in the world? That’s because IT IS so expensive and so much money goes in to finding out what you want and what you like, because that’s what sells. Advertising is a powerful tool if done right, but if used in correctly is a waste of time, energy, and most importantly: money. So, it is truly important to understand how advertising and the market work in order to be successful in advertisement.

People tend to make a misconception when it comes to what “advertisement” is. An advertisement is a paid-for communication intended to inform and/or persuade on or more people. However, the most common misconception is “An advertisement is a way for companies to find buyers of their product. However, when a person in advertisement says “buyers”, hinting that all advertisements sell goods is wrong. In order to match the definition of advertising, according to Winston Fletcher, author of Advertising: A Very Short Introduction, an advertisement must meet five criteria. These include, paid-for, communication, intended, inform and/or persuade, and finally, one or more people. Most importantly, advertising is not the same as advertisement. So, let’s break down each of these criteria to really understand what advertising is there to do. First, advertising must be paid for, and if it isn’t, it isn’t technically advertising unless the advertisement was given away for free, such as for charity. Second is communication. The goal of an advertisement is to bridge the gap between sender and receiver. To buy blank space isn’t advertising. Advertisements must communicate something to whoever sees or hears it....
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