How Does Advanced Technology Influence Our Life and Community?

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  • Published : September 26, 2010
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Writing Assignment 2 – Technology
How does advanced technology influence our life and community?In 21 century, technology and human areclosely linked.Concurrently,the advanced of technology confirm the truth of human civilization development from begins until now.Technology assist in our life,but with another hand the advanced of technology also impact on bad influence. In reality, technology started development on during the Industrial Revolution.It is very interesting, the crucial change of education through technology have come in the past.In the twenties, during the emergance of portable radio receiver in the forties and then again later after the invention of television, sound and video recording.In the early eighties, witnessed the first wave of feeding the computer into school. From the twenties on most of the people have been visiting cinema and listen to the radiao.Since the fifties, many of the people have been watching televison programme But still not important change have been noticed in the school system. Nowadays, cassette recorder(walkman), video camera, computer, notepad and telephone(mobile phone) become ordinary and popularly.Additionally, technology are everywhere around us and their number will increase day by day. [(, (26 Nov 2009)] Technology bring out a new change in anywhere else. Technology was certainly influence on our mind, life and society.Example game and movie has influence the current degeneracy of morolity, criminality and violence. [(, (26 Nov 2009)]Everything has its own merits and demerits.Recently, computer became essential technology in our life everyday, people use it to communicate(chat room, email), general information, surfing, reading, product and travel information, work(business, trade, banking, auction), study, online shopping, complemetry medicine(any illness approach to health medicine including treatment...
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