How Do You Respond to Millers Presentation of Parris in the Crucible?

Topics: The Crucible, Salem witch trials, John Proctor Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: February 2, 2012
Millers Presentation of Parris is interesting; he uses Parris as a symbol for the theme of power and conflict within the parameters of religion. As an audience, we can see that Miller makes an example of Parris: he is used to demonstrate some of the major flaws of society across the ages.

Miller’s presentation of Parris towards other characters is very derogatory as we can infer from his remark to Tituba that he would ‘whip her’. This could be an example of how she was treated by people when she lived in Barbados. We can assume that slaves would have been subject to sexual and violent assault by all men, which she would have expected from Parris. However this behaviour would not be expected from anyone or tolerated never mind a priest. The way Parris acts towards Tituba is very degrading towards her and shows how he tries to falsely use his position in society to abuse her, which we as an audience would clearly find unacceptable.

The way Parris uses language throughout the Crucible shows how much of an arrogant character he is, how he constantly interrupts people, and how he deliberately enflames the events of Mass Hysteria to benefit his own position which is completely against what a priest is meant to do. He interrupts Danforth and tells him to ‘Beware’ of John Proctor when Parris believes he could be on to something which could jeopardise the court procedures and Parris’ reputation. By saying this he is causing trouble, interrupting countless times and causing Danforth to be distracted from the situation. The patterns of language he uses causes an audience to lack sympathy with his character, because he doesn’t sympathise with or understand children. He uses lots of biblical language which would be expected from a priest, on the other hand however we would not expect a priest to use lots of exclamatives which is what Parris does. In terms of prosody we can see from the use of exclamatives that Parris likes to think he is in control, and has a lot of...
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