How Do You Imagine Social Interaction Within 10 Years, Taking Into Consideration the Impact of Technology on Human Relations?

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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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1.Social interaction is the way people relate with one another. Through history, mankind has developed and improved different kinds of technologies that have had a crucial influence on social interaction and human communications. Let's make a quick overview to remember some key points of our history regarding social interactions and technology.

2.A very long time ago before written word existed there were cave paintings & storytelling.

Society is on the cusp of a social revolution, we are at a point in history where new social realities are being created by technology and those realities mean for the individual and society. We are shifting from personal human interactions to virtual interactions through social media. From Facebook to Twitter, Instant Message to Skype, iPhones to iPods, technologies of communication have already started running the societies in the developed countries and within ten years it will engulf the whole world. There can be no doubt about it, as can be gauged by the rapid advancements in the technologies that are being made. Ten years from now technology will be making our world much more small and will be getting us closer, informing us faster than ever before not only in communications but also in all aspect of our life, medicine, transportation, and engineering just to mention few.

2.Social relationships have already been impacted greatly from rapid advances in technology. Technology has strengthened social relationships because it provides a fast and reliable avenue for people to communicate with those five miles and five hundred miles away. People are more and more connected with each other through new technologies and this trend will certainly not slow down. Ten years hence people will rely on technologies such as the internet for every realm of their lives. New technologies such as the universal translator and the hologram are likely to be developed in the next decade. These devices will allow us to communicate more...
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