How Do We Know God Exists

Topics: God, Existence, Existence of God Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: December 13, 2012
How do we know God exists?

Everyday people question the existence of the Christian God, Yahweh. Religion by definition, from Webster’s dictionary, is, the service and worship of God or gods of the supernatural. Most cultures have some type of religion that they practice whether they worship the Christian God or some other type of higher power. If most cultures have a basis for religion we can conclude that believing in something greater than you is extremely significant. So how do we know that God exists? Can you prove it? Yes you can. I will prove that God exists by the argument of an original mover, and by my own personal experience.

Everything is always in motion. We as human beings are always moving. You may be walking down the sidewalk, or you might be chewing your gum, even when you’re sleeping your body still moves. When you try and lie down and are as still as possible, your heart is still beating and you are still moving. A chair that is sitting on the ground, even though it looks stationary it’s not. This is because the atoms that make up the chair are always moving, so in a sense the chair is always moving. If things have always been in motion we have to agree that someone had to start the process of movement. Things do not begin to move on their own. I am a sports fan. I love all different kinds of sports. So let me give you an example of this using a sports illustration. I play golf for Bethel College and I love the game. Most people would say that I hit a drive farther than most people. Every time I hit the ball with my driver my teammates and coach just watch in astonishment as the ball fly’s three hundred yards. If I were to tee up my golf ball and watch it though, nothing would happen. My golf ball will not go anywhere if I just sit there and watch it. For it to move I need to hit it. This is the same for life. Someone had to start the motion. Someone had to hit the first tee shot of life. “The Prime Mover that Aristotle and Thomas...
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