How Do We Effectively Deal with a Conflict?

Topics: Friedrich Nietzsche, Aggression, Murder Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: January 24, 2013
How Do We Effectively Deal With a Conflict?
In our daily life we witness quarrels and misunderstandings which often lead to conflicts. Conflicts are unavoidable, unpleasant, and counterproductive. But with the right approach, they can have good results. A poorly handled conflict certainly can be dangerous; on the other hand, a skillfully handled conflict can lead to several benefits. When facing a conflict we have several choices about how to respond. Each approach has different results. But the best way to deal with a conflict is with politeness and patience. Nevertheless, the only way that this is going to work is if both people act in this mature way. Being polite and patient can only have a positive effect. While handling a problem if you are polite to people they will understand that you have good intentions and that you are really interested in solving it. When you act politely you clear your mind from the anger, which can dim your judgment, and let you concentrate and respond accurately to the problem. A good manner and etiquette can certainly create miracles. A few years ago I read an article in which was mentioned that scientists have proven that every time we are angry we shorten our lives with nine seconds. So if we act politely and free ourselves from the anger we actually save our lives. The other way to solve a problem is by being patient. The power of patience is often underestimated which is an enormous mistake. When you are in conflict with someone it is very important to be patient because sometimes even the most easily recognizable things are not so easy to see. It has often happened to me that I looked guilty of something but I was not. And many of my friends, without first trying to listen to me, have started throwing insults at me and accusing me of something which I haven’t done. Of course it is not easy to be patient. But after all, when it comes to conflicts nothing seems to be easy. The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche argued that...
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