How Do Volcanoes Arrupt?

Topics: Reference, Writing, Writing process Pages: 2 (332 words) Published: January 4, 2012
AS Language Unit Two – Creating Texts
What to do:
Candidates should choose their own writing focus to suit their individual skills and interests in consultation with their teacher(s). This should be led in centres by use of ‘style models’ to encourage candidates to experience a wide range of writing styles before the writing process begins. In preparation for this module candidates need to study:

• the use of register and style
• characteristics of genres and sub-genres
• the impact of language choices (lexis and grammar) and discourse strategies • the purposes and skills of planning, drafting and redrafting * the use of primary sources and of clear referencing of these materials • Skills associated with analysing and reviewing the writing process and the reception of their own Texts.

To complement the written pieces, candidates will be required to produce two commentaries which will allow them to reflect upon the writing process. Each commentary should contain: • discussion of the style model(s) used in the planning process • discussion of any significant changes made during the writing process • reference to any reading materials used, and discussion of how they were adapted to suit the new text

• analysis of the stylistic devices used in the text, with exemplification from the text • reflection on the effectiveness of the final piece including, where relevant, feedback from a variety of sources.

Assessment will be by the production of a coursework folder. The work will be assessed by the candidate’s teacher and then externally moderated by AQA. The folder will contain two pieces of writing and two accompanying commentaries, and should conform to the following: • the total length of the two pieces of writing should be between 1500 and 2500 words • the total length of the two commentaries should be 1000 words • the two pieces of writing should be differentiated in terms of primary purpose, audience and genre. In addition they...
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